Bibus bibliographic database - Windows Notes

At AVI, we're testing Bibus as one of several vehicles for managing research bibliographies. I have used Refworks for more than a year, and also CiteuLike. There are collaboration options with these products, but for various reasons, we are unable to exploit them.

Bibus can be used for Windows, which is the platform of choice in the AVI farm.

There are some two installation-time tips to consider, which appear to affect the MySQL schema and/or underlying code that is installed.

Several screens only appear when the product itself, not a new SQL repository managined by Bibus, is installed. These include adding what is in our case, a necessary modification -- adding some sort of support for keywords. Keywords aren't included in the base product.

When installing, two additional screens appear. The first of these allows a few additional reference types (a la "journal," "book").

The second allows replacement of custom fields with specialized fields. Here we added "Keywords" which are used extensively in AVI bibliographies.

Unfortunately, Bibus does not support keywords directly. Data was imported using the "note" field and moved to the custom "keyword" field via SQL (or manually).

Minor nuisance: SQL must be used to remove references.

  • A web service to Refworks or equivalent. Bibus solves an AVI problem but is only accessible through the Company VPN.

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