Flickr not displaying complete set despite "public" settings

I'm a "pro" occasional user at Flickr. After routinely posting sets for public viewing, today it didn't work. After a couple of frustrating hours investigating it (not easy to do -- two browsers are needed to do the testing), it appears to be a problem with the "safety" settings on the photos. The symptom was that the first photo of the set would show, but not the remaining photos of the set. The safety settings were the same as before, but they weren't showing unless I was logged in -- as though the photos were private, but they were in fact public. The "fix" was to use the batch edit feature on the set to reset the safety settings ("Set safety filters") -- even though the individual photo settings were already set. Go figure, er, photo, Flickr.

Best guess as to cause: transient glitch in the uploader.

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