Microsoft Compact .NET Framework vCard Success Story

Recently I purchased a special purpose Windows Mobile tool that allows for import and export of contacts using the VCard standard. Produced by PocketKai, this utility makes excellent use of the Microsoft .NET compact framework. In fact, the installer footprint for the application is only 192KB, and the \Program Files\vCard Manager folder is only 114KB. (On my HTC PPC6700 device, memory is at a nuisance premium).

My requirements Before email became the killer app that it now is, and before spam mandated the presence of marketing email addresses in the address book, Activesync and other synchronizing tools were adequate. Now my address book is huge, with 2715 contacts (and counting). I need a small subset on the phone. Further, I have a different set of requirements for work vs. home contact management. The vCard is perfect for this. I can mark contacts by category, import/export by category and then synchronize a selected folder between mobile, desktop and cloud locations. On the mobile device, a zip of all 2800 contacts, in vCard format, can be stored in removeable flash memory (not subtracting from precious main memory). Then I can draw from that folder to insert / export a contact from Windows Mobile as needed. PocketKai, at the attractive price point of $8, does the trick.

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