Use What You Already Know: "Drive" Qlikview QVD's from Excel

Leverage tools you already know how to use. That should be maxim one for decking out one's analytics toolbox.  (It's more important than any single piece of advice from usability specialist Jacob Nielsen). An example of this principle is the product Vizubi.  Vizubi provides an Excel front end to Qlikview's highly optimized and super-efficient native "database" structure, a QVD.

I haven't tried it, and have read no reviews of it, but it has one laudable feature.  It leverages a tool for which skillsets are abundant:  Excel.  It has other reported capabilities, such as natively understanding what to do with time variables, and itself using in-memory resources, but that one feature may be worth the price of admission.

The idea of using Excel as a front-end has a time-honored tradition (e.g., Arbor Software's Essbase).  It's no accident.

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