Best Kept Secrets of Windows Explorer Iconographers

It was happening after every backup. The files in one folder were consistently being skipped, even though they weren't in use at the time the backup ran. The only thing I noticed was that the color of the file name was different - red, I think (not sure as I have red-green color blindness) -- certainly not the default Windows Explorer color. Usually a short trip to one's favorite search engine (Bing is sometimes better at Microsoft.com search) results is all that's needed.  No such luck this time.  I tried:
  • Windows explorer file name coloring - windows explorer icons
  • Windows explorer icon colors
  • Windows explorer color changes
and variations too numerous to mention.  Nothing.

After many right clicks into the properties tab, at last I observed that the checkbox for encryption was was checked.  Encryption wasn't used intentionally anywhere on this Vista system, but there it was.  Uncheck the box, and Ouila, it's normal. The only helpful piece of evidence I can offer here is that the folder originally came from another system on the local network -- though encryption wasn't used there, either. If there is a legend for Windows Explorer iconography, the secret remains with its creator, as it remained undiscovered by this adventurer.

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