Disable Magic_quotes_gpc in PHP for Joomla 3.1 (Pair Networks)

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Joomla 3.1 requires that magic_quotes_qpc, a PHP setting, be turned off -- for a security reason related to PHP. As others have noted, this can be done in various ways --maddeningly -- depending on numerous configuration permutations.

How can you tell if it is turned off? Check phpinfo if the Joomla preinstallation checklist is not providing that information. 

At Pair networks, changing .htacesss and php.ini did not work. The web host technician advised using user.ini. It is worth reading the PHP documentation (and comments) regarding user.ini. This setting is apparently per-directory, in this documentation, but this StackOverflow post indicates user.ini works recursively. 

Whether this solution works for you depends on the specific configuration, so check that first.

The issue is broad in scope and complex, as pointed out in this lengthy and ongoing post by "AITPro Admin" titled "PHP5.3.X – PHP5.4.X .USER.INI FILE DOES NOT WORK – KNOWN PHP5.3.X .USER.INI FASTCGI WORDPRESS ZEND APACHE ISSUE."  Read this if you are contemplating a career in software and expect it to be smooth technology sailing.

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