Microsoft Access: Azure Database I/O coming?

A friend recently asked me how far Microsoft had gotten with its Office cloud (Azure) initiative. Specifically, he wanted to know whether Microsoft Access was headed skyward. So far as I can learn, according to this Microsoft post, the plan is to leverage SQL Data Services and the Sync Framework to make this happen. There's talk in this post of a beta in 2009. The posted Q&A is also worth skimming. Microsoft's calling this part of Project Huron.

Unclear how much developer labor will be required to make use of the proposed functionality, but some videos are posted (mainly showing Access desktop sync) and a "Try It" link are pending as of today.

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Sasha Froyland said...

We have recently completed porting a Microsoft Access application to SQL Azure for our client and they were very satisfied with the performance and added accessibility of their database application.


Thanks Microsoft. Great product.

Sasha Froyland