IE8 Tab Save/Restore workarounds

A handy feature seemingly removed from my current version of IE8 is save/restore of tabs between sessions. This blog entry from tipandtrick.net (and I'm sure there are other posts addressing this) suggests some workarounds. The built-in solution is Tools Restore Last Browsing Session. The workarounds aren't as convenient as the feature as implemented in other browsers, but it's better than relaunching 20 tabs.

Update My colleague Mark Sowul observes that he likes Tools => Restore tabs "much better since you don’t need to proactively choose to save the session (plus the restore when crashing which was a big problem for me in IE7) but I set my homepage to about:tabs and there’s a link right there to restore session. Also if it ever “forgets” as is the case from time to time you can go to user\app data\local\microsoft\internet explorer\ and restore a previous version of the “recovery” folder."

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