Like No Cost Contracts? Help out the US Patent Office

The U.S. Patent Office might not have the budget, but they're scratching their heads to find a way to fund eLearning projects. Called the "Intellectual Property E-Learning Initiative," the USPO is calling upon you to host and port their learning content for use within the USPO. In exchange, under this possible scenario under consideration, you can repackage the content, add value, and sell it commercially.

The USPO says they have authored more than 150 modules on intellectual property topics (patents, trademarks, international IP rights). This work would form the basis of any "repackaging" and remarketing effort.

Who's the potential audience? "The scale could be all interested law firms to all worldwide IP offices to 6000 patent examiners or 700 trademark attorneys." Just how "valuable" and "interactive" the "rich content" is might determine the ultimate value of this proposition, and hosting a large LMS infrastructure would be a nontrivial espense.

But the proposal is, at the least, inventive.

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