Four Monitors, Anyone? A PCIe Card for X1, X4, or X8 Lane Slots

After several dead ends (PCI cards with unresolved PCI-to-PCI bridge issues, x16 extender cards that didn't work in the form factor of the chassis, interrupt conflicts with NIC hardware), one solution has been found that works in my Dell PowerEdge 2900. This is a low end server being used as a workstation. It wasn't designed to support an x16 PCIe card, so it's been difficult finding a substitution. The AMD ATI FirePro 2270 x1 version nicely supported dual monitors and installed without a hitch. Others with older machines where PCIe x1, x4 or x8 lanes are needed may wish to consider this alternative. Note: A "pro" not a "gamer" class device, but you can use two or more to support more than two monitors. Very tempting.

p.s. Another viable option for Nvidia users may be the PNY NVS Quadro 440 x1.

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