Update on Elitebook Windows Event 17: HP HW Repair Process Insights

Update 19 May 2011 Laptop was repaired after 2 working days. The fan problem was corrected, but the  Event 17 errors have returned. The rep from the team handling repairs in progress insisted on dialing into the machine and reading the event log messages herself, then issued another RMA number. She indicated this would be "priority" (what is that?). Another box was shipped and the laptop has been returned to the depot.

Update 14 May 2011 As reported earlier, an HP Elitebook (c. 2010) was returned for repair after much investigation. The laptop was returned by overnight service from HP Depot repair with a new Nvidia 5100M graphics card. Impressively, a technician phoned form the depot facility to verify the nature of the complaints and to understand whether WLAN problems were also being experienced (Answer: Unclear). Unfortunately, the machine turns itself off a few minutes into the HP run-in test. Maybe fan or fan sensor disconnected or failed? The machine was returned to the depot the next day.

Internal Repair Processes Interestingly, HP hands off duties for repairs in progress to a different team. The chat channel used for triage is seemingly abandoned, though it can be assumed that transcripts are available for downstream technicians to read. Also, HP sends a new box for shipping rather than simply having customers print a new prepaid shipping label. Odd, considering that a day is lost while the box is shipped, and there's another box to be  disposed of (the packing material used is not recyclable).

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