Gotcha! Different Notch Offset for Fully Buffered DIMMs (FB-DIMMs)

An aging Dell 2900 server needed more RAM to extend its life. The used marketplace for RAM seemed like the right place to go. The specification called for ECC buffered, 555 or 667mhz PC2-5300 DIMMs, deployed in pairs. Straightforward enough. Or so it seemed. After reading the Wikipedia entry on DIMMs to refresh my memory of standards in effect at the time that this machine was new, a pair of 4GB DIMMs was purchased.

What was immediately apparent, but which presales research had failed to discover, is that PC2-5300 FB-DIMMs have their single notch in a different location than otherwise identical PC2-DIMMs. To avoid this mistake in the future, refer to the photo above, which shows the offset position of the FB-DIMM notch.

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